It’s hard to see in these photos, but my hair is now pink and purple 💜💗💜💗

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Getting a tattoo on the 14th of August to commemorate the 2000 year anniversary of Augustus’ death. Keen as fuck.

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Title: Don't Let Me Down

Artist: The Beatles

Played: 45285 times
When you are attracted to people, it’s because of the details. Their kindness. Their eyes. The fact that they can get you to laugh when you need it the most.




remember when we were kids and we used to all sing that demented version of the barney song where it was like “i hate you you hate me let’s go out and kill barney”

i don’t remember ever doing this. you were a fucked up kid

i hate you

you hate me

let’s go out an kill barney

with a baseball bat

and a 4x4


My version was:
I hate you, you hate me
Let’s get together and kill Barney
With a shotgun, bang bang
Barney on the floor
No more purple dinosaur

Kids were fucked up, I swear.


Leave two band members in my ask and I’ll make a photoset of which one I prefer! ——> Patrick Stump or Brendon Urie